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Frequently Asked Questions

                                                              What is Orthomolecular Psychiatry?

Orthomolecular Psychiatry is a branch of medicine which is founded upon the idea that mental illness is caused by nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins and environmental factors.  Orthomolecular Psychiatry aims to correct biochemical imbalances.  

How long is the program?

Usually 6 months

                                                                                         How does the program work?

                                                                                     What is the outline of the program?

First Appointment:
Your first appointment is an Evaluation.  At that time determinations are made, recommendations are suggested, and labs are ordered.  For your convenience, labs are conducted in the privacy of your own home through urine, hair, or saliva analysis.  Labs are completed 5-7 business days after the sample is received.  At the end of your first appointment, it is recommended to begin a starter vitamin pack.  These packets are designed to elevate general nutritional deficiencies.  Moreover, they prepare the body for your individualized program.   

Second AppointmentIn consideration of labs, your second appointment is usually scheduled 2-3 weeks after your first appointment.  During this appointment, your individualized nutritional program, which is aimed to re-calibrate biochemical imbalances, is discussed.  If agreed, you normally begin the program 3-5 days later. 


  Follow-up Appointments

After the second appointment, one appointment a month is required for the next six consecutive months.  During your follow-up appointments, evaluations and any necessary changes to your nutritional protocol are made.   
  • At your 6 Month Appointment

  •  Second Lab results are discussed. 

  • Future determinations are discussed 

  • Patient either continues a program with additional modifications or is connected to the online dispensary and begins their maintenance program. 

                                                                                                      How much does the program cost?

  • First Appointment Evaluation and 6th month appointment = $425

  • Follow-up Appointments= #325

  • Labs are usually conducted only 2x (at start date and 6 months later) and cost=$300-$900

  • Starter Nutritional Pack= $375-475

  • Monthly Nutritional Packs= $575-625

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